Images can be downloaded directly from the site. They are uploaded in a JPG format. We recommend using a browser other than Google Chrome to download images or else they will download in WebP format.

Please go to the listing on the item and on the picture right click on the image and right click save image.


This will bring up a dialog box to save the image to your PC. 

If your image downloads in a WebP format there are two solutions to converting the file to JPEG.

Firstly, you can add an extension to your chrome browser that provides you with different format options when downloading images.

To use this method, add the extension to your browser then right click on the image you wish to save → Save image as Type → Save as JPG. This will then bring up a dialog box to save the image to your PC. 

Alternatively, you can use a file convertor website

Download the image as you would normally. This will be in WebP format. Open the file convertor website → upload the image you wish to convert → click convert where a dropdown of options will appear. Choose JPG → click Convert Now and wait for the process to complete → download your image.

Please note customers are not permitted to use any images or videos from our social media pages. Or any images where the face of the model is visible.