Your notes on your orders help us to know how you like your orders. If you want us to hold your order, or you are ready to have your orders sent out or if you have any packing instructions, please leave a note. Please know that the notes are only picked up by our dispatch team, so if you have customer service or accounting queries, please send us an email as you normally would do. 

Please ensure you have paid shipping on your order where you want it delivered. Please do not use the pickup option if you are not collecting your order unless you are adding to an order which has not been dispatched and has shipping paid. If you are using the pickup function to combine multiple orders, please ensure to leave notes on your order so the team know your intentions. 

This is where to leave a note and below see some examples of notes you may want to add. Once you've clicked to checkout, you can click to see your shopping cart. Whilst in your Cart, just underneath the Total price. There is an option to add and edit your note, for example If you wish to combine two orders, hold an order or send order without hangers. If you wish to combine orders together, please provide the order numbers of your previous order! 

Please pay shipping on your initial order and put a note if you want us to hold it.  Any subsequent orders can be placed with a note attached to combine with your first order as long as your initial order has not been dispatched. Please only use the pickup option for subsequent orders if your order is small and you are sure this can be added to the same box as your initial order. If you are placing multiple large orders please pay shipping on all of them and we will refund any excess shipping paid.  

Some points to note:

  • We will always do our best to combine orders to save customers carriage as we appreciate that every penny counts but there may be some instances where they cannot be combined.
  • If you want to combine your orders, please place additional orders as early in the day as possible or throughout the evening as the later the day gets the less chance we have of combining your orders.
  • Even if you pay shipping on all your orders and we combine them we will refund any excess shipping charges within 24 hours of your order being dispatched. This is automatically done but please contact us if for any reason you don’t receive your refund and your orders were combined.
  • UK (Mainland & Offshore), Ireland and International Flat Rate Bands 1 & 2 shipping are calculated per box and each box has a maximum weight of 23kg. Please keep this in mind when adding to your orders. You can only add as much as would fit in the box which has been paid for. Every time you go over that a new box would need to be paid for. All other shipping zones are calculated by weight shipping will need to be paid on every order for these zones.  

Shipping Charges Explained

For UK (Mainland & Offshore), Ireland and International Flat Rate Bands 1 & 2 shipping is paid for by box. Each box has a maximum weight of 23kg. The shipping will be calculated based on the weight of your order and the number of boxes will be charged accordingly. When packing your order if we can fit your order in fewer boxes then calculated on your order a refund for any extra boxes paid for will be processed within 24 hours of your order being dispatched. If, for any reason, you have not received a refund and you believe you are due one please contact us by email at